Tire Balancing in San Fernando

For the most part, unbalanced wheels are due to day-to-day wear and tear and bumpy roads. Wheel balancing is a quick fix that can be completed with little hassle by an experienced technician.

At J&P Autobody Repair LLC, we have been specializing in tire rotation and balancing for years. We work right here in the San Fernando area and are proud to bring our customers top-quality service at a great price.

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Car Wheel Balancing: Signs and Causes

Have you noticed a bounce when you drive? Are your car seats or steering wheel shaking while traveling from point A to B? If you answered yes, then your tires may be unbalanced.

There are a number of ways to tell if your tires have become imbalanced such as:

  • The vehicle is bouncing or bumping
  • The floor of your car, the seats, or the steering wheel is shaking
  • Uneven tread on the tires
  • A decline in fuel efficiency
  • General performance is low
  • Tire weights have fallen off during an accident or rough driving
  • Mud or other debris deposited on the wheels
  • Dent in the wheel rim

If you have recently experienced any of these incidents, there is a good chance that your tires are imbalanced. Continuing to drive will only make the issue worse, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Car Wheel Balancing: The Process

When you set up an appointment at the shop, we will get your vehicle in for a tire inspection. Conducting a thorough tire inspection will ensure that we get an accurate understanding of the issue at hand. Rebalancing your tires consists of the following steps:

  1. Removing all tires from your vehicle
  2. Fastening each tire to the balancing machine
  3. Spinning wheels
  4. Detecting and locating which wheels are imbalanced and where
  5. Applying counterweight (clip-on or adhesive) where needed
  6. Remounting the tires and wheels

It is best to have your tires balanced regularly to help extend the life of your tires and increase fuel costs. As well, properly balanced tires will protect your shock absorbers, wheel bearings, and wheel assembly.

J&P Autobody Repair LLC: Expert Wheel Balancing Service

At J&P Autobody Repair LLC, we have been working in this industry for years. All of our trained mechanics have the skills and knowledge needed to conduct accurate tire balancing. Our San Fernando shop has industry-leading equipment to ensure you are getting a reliable service you deserve. We will maximize the life of your tires and ensure safe, smooth drives.

The Best Car Wheel Balancing in San Fernando

When it comes to investing money in your car, do not settle for anything less than the best. At J&P Autobody Repair LLC, we promise you unparalleled customer service, expert-grade balancing, and affordable prices––always.

To set up a consultation with the team, give us a call or stop by our San Fernando location.